Free 4K Clip

As we prepare the launch of next week’s highly-anticipated footage collection revolving around technology, we wanted to not only share this free clip, but also share a bit of the thought process and the story behind the capturing of a shot like this.

When we think about technology, we think of all the benefits, like connecting with friends, family or colleagues, business and production efficiency, health and safety, entertainment, and more. But there’s also an element of technology that has the ability to draw us in, past its basic utility, and become an addiction or a crutch.  

I think with abstract and expressive footage like this, it’s telling a story of that dichotomy – the push and pull of tech and innovation.

We hope that this clip, and the rest of our tech collection, can help tell your stories and elevate your documentaries, films, etc. in an effective way.  

Enjoy and share with your friends!

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