Archiving or Sending? Use Premiere Pro Project Manager

One under-utilized and under-appreciated feature within Premiere Pro is their Project Manager function. This essentially allows for an editor to package up a project file and ALL of its linked assets spanning across multiple drives and asset types into one succinct, clean, folder.

Watch the video to see the full walkthrough:

Adobe Premiere Pro: Project Manager Function

The video above goes into more detail, but I wanted to summarize here:

  1. Within Premiere Pro, navigate to: File – Project Manager
  2. Select which sequences you’d like to compile
  3. Select a destination path
  4. Optionally calculate the resulting folder size
  5. Select which options you need
  6. Press OK

I spent many years stumbling through archiving and sending old projects to clients, and this feature solves many of those past problems as a freelance video editor.

You can view my entire video exporting video here.

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