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FILMPAC is a stock footage boutique consisting of themed 4k video bundles. First and foremost, It was created for the love of filmmaking, but also capturing spontaneous moments in an environment that is raw, genuine, real, that ultimately help our customers and clients tell their story more clearly, with more heart, and more clarity. It was also created in response to a number of personal pain points for many creative professionals such as:

  1. COST - Those who are looking for quality stock footage for a price that is within budget. Many production companies and independent contractors simply can’t afford to pay $200, $500, or $1,000+ per video clip. At $99 per bundle for 50+ clips, we can help you meet your budget.
  2. CLUTTER - Those who are tired of wading through literally 100’s of stock footage libraries with millions of clips. We offer condensed collection of bundles to help you streamline your process and get you what you want.
  3. COLOR – We deliver all of our footage with a flat LOG color profile, so you can color and adjust the image just the way you need to fit perfectly into your project, giving you maximum flexibility in your post production process. Many editors love the look of the flat profile, while others use it as a base to really pull out an array of colors, tones, shadows, and highlights for a cinematic look.
  4. CONVENIENCE – We have curated our bundles with specific themes, so instead of sifting through an overwhelming library of footage looking for the clip you want, we have already packaged it neatly together, ready to be downloaded as a complete bundle for use on your current and future projects.
  5. CONSISTENCY - You know the feeling of when a stock video clip that you purchased just sticks out like an ugly sore thumb in your video project that should have been awesome. Gross. We’re over it too. We want these clips to look like they all belong together.

Whether you need stock footage for lyric videos, promotional videos, commercials, trailers, online courses, educational resources, churches, non-profits, etc., FILMPAC has you covered. Our goal is to jam pack each and every one of these bundles with so many high quality usable clips that you'd be silly not to grab it. FILMPAC bundles function like a toolbox, it’s something to help inspire creativity.