Top 10 Voice Actors Ready for Hire

By Caleb Rexius

For over a decade, I’ve been producing video content.

In addition to software, cameras, gear, stock footage, and stock music, there is one aspect that has been essential to achieve consistent high-quality ads and promos: voice talent

Specifically, good voice talent.

Those who can deliver reads fast, on brand, and on budget.

I don’t hire A-list celebrities with a distinct and recognizable tone and timbre, but the handful of voice actors Ive found have been essential to my success, especially in my early creative years. 

So today, I’m doing something different. I’m not just going to speak conceptually about hiring good talent; I’m actually going to give you the names and information for each of them, as well as their typical turnaround times, cost, and other info. So here it is:

My Top 10 Voice Actors Ready for Hire:

(The following are not in any particular order or rank)

1. Heather Masters

Short Bio: A smooth, millennial sound that rocks both flat anthems and high energy reads.


Typical Budget: $250-500 for 1-3 minute video

Turnaround Time: Within 24 Hours


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You might recognize Heather’s voice from countless ads, videos, video games, and more.

When I need a soft female voice, she’s who I contact.

When I need a highly dramatic female read, she’s who I contact.

When I need someone to make vomiting sounds in the middle of a script, she’s who I contact (true story). 

I’ve probably hired her more times than any model, actor, designer, or voice actor in my 12 years doing this. She’s diverse, professional, and her sound quality is always flawless and ready to drop into a timeline.

2. John McCann

Short Bio: A wide range from relaxed delivery to aggressive, and everything in between.


Typical Budget: Typical Budget is $125 for the first 500 words and $75 for each additional 500 words.

Turnaround Time: Usually within 2 hours


John has been my #1 male voice talent go to for a full decade, and we’ve worked together on countless projects. 

He always has such a great attitude. His delivery time and revisions are fast and he follows direction very well. 

We’ve even worked together on spec work, meaning he occasionally reads scripts for me (free of charge) in hopes that we can both land a project bid together. A great guy and great talent.

His rich tone lends itself well to a range of reads, but I will say that he is especially my go-to when it comes to that deep, dramatic, “movie trailer” voice when I need some grit and drama. He crushes it every time.

3. Horace Dodd

Short Bio: A smooth and confident tenor that can perform a range of vocal stylings from pop, to rap, to Shakespeare.


Typical Budget: $250-$500 per minute

Turnaround Time: 24-48 Hours


Horace is a seasoned actor and model in the Los Angeles area. You may have seen him in the streaming series “Narcos: Mexico“, “Grace And Frankie“, “S.W.A.T.”, and the award-winning indie film, “Jinn.” 

He’s also a music artist, so he brings in a certain level of emotion, authenticity and precise timing to his reads that I really appreciate.

Timely and professional. Very affordable and fun to work with.

4. Gwenith Knight

Short Bio: Conversational elegance–the voice of your brand, your story, your heart.


Typical Budget: Starting at $200 for a 1-minute video. Contact me for a quote.

Turnaround Time: 24 hours or less.


Gwenith and I have teamed up on many projects over the years. She’s my go-to voice when I need a more youthful teenager/adolescent style of voice, that can go up to early adulthood. 

Her voice is unique and memorable (2 characteristics I’m always after in my video productions), so she’s been a really great option for me.

5. Kabir Singh

Short Bio: Perfect for connecting with young, urban audiences as well as the Latin & African-American communities.


Typical Budget: Contact me for a quote. Each project is quote based on its usage and details.

Turnaround Time: 1-2 business days for most projects


You’ve probably heard Kabir’s voice and not even realized it. He’s a seasoned voice actor with diverse deliveries.

Sometimes you want a read that is specific to an ethnicity, (like you want something to sound more urban or suburban or maybe slightly European), and Kabir has this voice that can be really strategically and ambiguously ethnic, which is super useful when you’re trying to hit a broad demographic. 

Just a good, energetic guy, too. Highly recommend.

6. Bob Michaels

Short Bio: 30+ year veteran of the VO industry, with a resume’ that reads like a Who’s Who of International Industry.


Typical Budget: Contact me for a quote.  I’m non-union and flexible.

Turnaround Time: Under 24 hours for most projects.  Full service in house studio with patch capability.


Years ago, I sent Bob a really tough task: he needed to read a sarcastic comedic script, but with a very distinguished, elegant, almost arrogant, tone. He crushed it, and the client actually came back several times to repeat the same video format, same voice, same everything, largely in part because of his narration.

He’s done a number of complicated and sophisticated reads for me, and I’ve always been happy with his work. A real professional.

7. Scott William

Short Bio: “Yes! Im that voice you have heard on radio, tv, movies, animation, and video games! A true vocal chameleon that is in high demand here in Hollywood”


Typical Budget: Typical budget start at $200 and happy to discuss any and all types of work in all genres.

Turnaround Time: ASAP, usually same day.


Scott just always seems to catch the vibe and the vision so early. 

That’s actually how I initially hired him: I had auditioned out a really important read for a big project, and I just had really lackluster submissions until I listen to his read.

I was like, “oh, this is what I need, and I didn’t even know I needed it this way”.

Just a cool voice. And always great to work with.

8. Lauren Ruff

Short Bio: Fresh, current, versatile, conversational girl next door vibe with a wide range from tech and beauty to promo and animation.


Typical Budget: Varies based on scope and usage.  Please inquire with project details for a quote.

Turnaround Time: Typically 24 to 48 hours


I reached out to Lauren years ago to do a short read for me, and what I got back was just breathtaking. I had no idea that she had this level of emotion and passion and strength in her voice.

I had heard some of her lighter reads, which were great, but I wasn’t looking for that in this particular project. She surprised me with her ability to transform her voice into precisely what I was after. 

Like most of these voice actors, she’s so diverse and is just a joy to work with.

9. Lisa St. Regis

Short Bio: Joyful, sweet, kind and energetic.


Typical Budget: $200 and Up. Contact for quote.

Turnaround Time: 24-48 Hours


Lisa was one of the first paid voice actors I ever used.

I had just started making videos, and I decided to audition out this read. Her submission was just so perfect and really helped propel my early work to sound and feel more professional.

I generally use her for lighter, happier, joyful, sentimental work, and you can just always hear the smile through her voice. Very good, professional energy on every read.

10. You

The 10th person on this list is…. you. YES, YOU!!!

If you’re a content creator, editor, director, producer, it is a tremendous benefit if you can gain the knowledge and confidence to occasionally record narration yourself. And I want to give you a few pointers on how to make it happen here: The Necessities of Recording Your Own Voice: 7 Tips

Feel free to tag or comment if you know of more voice actors who I’m missing, or even if you want to nominate yourself. I would love to make a 2nd list featuring this new talent from your suggestions!

Caleb is the Founder and Lead Cinematographer at Filmpac.

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