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Premium Stock Media Pricing

License individual assets or join membership

License without Membership

Great fit for any customer to get individual assets for your project today.

Standard Commercial Pricing

  1. Footage $129 Per Clip
  2. Music $49 Per Song
  3. SFX $9 Per SFX

Extended Commercial Licenses for advanced projects starting at $299

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Pro Individual Membership

Single seat plan for freelancers.

Billed annually
  • Unlimited Footage
  • Unlimited Music
  • Unlimited SFX
  • Standard Commercial License

Custom Business Plan

For studios, agencies and brands.

  • Custom subscriptions or pay per use plans
  • Standard or Extended license
  • Increased indemnity available
  • Unlimited seat plans
  • All media types available
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What our Members are Saying

“ Filmpac offers an unparalleled range of options for creatives and production professionals to elevate their video projects. The website's ease of use, the organization's quick, efficient, and kind customer service, and an elite quality of product puts Filmpac in a category all its own. It is my go-to for all things stock. “

  • Carey Kight

    Executive Producer
    Circus Maximus

Frequently asked questions

What’s the benefit of a Custom Business Plan?

This plan is for anyone that is employed at an agency, non-profit or business. It’s a perfect fit for organizations that consistently require 1) custom license arrangements (political and medical use, exclusivity rights, ad buys, etc.) or 2) key corporate/legal terms (indemnity policies, enhanced reps and warranties, etc.) or 3) have a number of creative professionals and teams across the entity that depend on the library.


FILMPAC has built the largest wholly-owned footage library on the web, including a high-impact music and sound effects catalogue that keeps growing everyday. Clients love FILMPAC because they can’t get one main thing from traditional “mega-stock” libraries: creative continuity. All of our footage is produced as scenes or “story-vignettes” and shot by creative directors and DPs. We concept and script everything out, utilizing hard-to-find locations, the latest production equipment, and emerging talent. Our cohesive library enables some of the most in-demand independent creators, global ad agencies, film production companies, and creative units at Fortune 500s to tell their stories without compromise. And since we own the majority of our content, we can support virtually any legal department’s policies and requirements without having you put in the painful cycles of waiting for your “middle-man” to hopefully obtain the very rights that we already have from the actual source.

Is the Pro Individual Membership for me?

This plan is for you if you’re a serious content creator or own your own production, filmmaking or editing business. Our unlimited access membership plan is ideal for professional creators who are “all-in” on up-leveling their quality game without burdening your clients to have you shoot all of the time (as much as you would love that to be the case!). This is a general purpose expense line item that you should easily be able to afford because the ROI / i.e., how clients perceive your work and the number of projects you save time on makes the investment a no-brainer. This plan is also for you if you’ve got a consistent enough flow of clients and projects, so you won’t be investing your hard-earned cash into an unknown future.

What’s the benefit of a single download plan?

This model is perfect for anyone, be it an independent freelancer or established agency or business, that just needs to download single video clips, music tracks or SFX immediately due to a near-term project deadline. If you happen to be working at a company or agency, you can always reach out to us at if you have any questions about our a la carte, self-service model. Regardless, you can rest assured that a member of our team will eventually reach out to you and see if it makes sense to transition your future workload to a more optimized, long-term plan (e.g., Pro Individual Membership or a Custom Business Plan).

Is your content available elsewhere?

From time to time, you might see a portion of our library on third party reseller sites. We take a methodical and strategic approach (e.g., certain geographical markets we don’t have access to) in that no one has or ever will have all of our content, not to mention the fact that pricing and custom licensing options will always be more favorable and efficient when engaging directly with us.

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