Here are our frequently asked questions:

  • What is a Pac of footage?
  • We believe stock footage is more useful if it’s shot and delivered in scenes. While most other sites license individual clips, we bundle scenes/themes into a “Pac” of footage. Each Pac varies, but typically there are between 3-19 different clips in each pac. Check the Pac details for exact amount.
  • How do I download the footage I’ve licensed?
  • After you purchase a pac, you’ll immediately be given access to download links for each clip on the Pac page. You can download a ProRes, or MP4 version individually, or a zip folder of the MP4s.
  • What is the best way to get familiar with the site?
  • We’d love to give you a call or schedule a screen share to show off all of the great features. You can schedule that here, or watch a 4 minute recorded demo here.
  • What format and encoding are the video files?
  • All FILMPAC clips are 4k (3840×2160) resolution with a framerate of 23.976 fps, or 24p, delivered in ProRes 422 or MP4.
  • How is FILMPAC different than other stock footage websites?
  • Everything is 4K, ProRes. We offer themed Pacs instead of individual clips. Our empowering membership option gives you access to everything on our site. More curation, less clutter, consistent quality – see more on our About page.
  • Can I preview the footage prior to making a purchase?
  • Yes, on each Pac page, just hover over any clip and hit the download sample button. This allows you to download a 4K watermarked sample.
  • Is FILMPAC footage “Royalty Free”?
  • Yes, Royalty Free means you pay to license the footage once upfront, without the need to pay any additional or ongoing fees. See the license details page if you have any usage questions.
  • Are some clips included in multiple pacs?
  • No. Every clip is only included in one pac. There may be similar shots from the same model, but never the same shot twice. Never repeated.