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What is YouTube Content ID and How FILMPAC Music Helps

Key Takeaways:

  1. YouTube Content ID is a YouTube managed system that analyzes every video uploaded to YouTube. The system detects content that contains copyrighted material and does it’s best to determine if that content has been pirated or properly licensed.
  1. FILMPAC Music that has been licensed through a Music Membership or Song Purchase can be pre-cleared in the Customer’s Account prior to uploading to YouTube.
  1. Using FILMPAC’s Safelist Tool to register your (or your client’s) YouTube Channel is a great way to ensure you can upload content containing FILMPAC Songs worry-free.

[Hot-Tip: Be sure to add your YouTube Channels in My Account > Music > YouTube Channels prior to uploading FILMPAC Songs to YouTube.]

Full Version:

Why does YouTube have a Content ID System? The answer is simply because YouTube cares about protecting copyrighted material and wants to help protect that content from being stolen.

When someone creates an original song, photo, or video, etc, they own that creative work and have the right to sell and profit from it – that is known as their Copyright. Many artists, including FILMPAC artists create songs with the intent that customers can pay for a license to use their material in the customer’s projects. 

Unfortunately, there are also many people that steal content, rather than pay for a license. The YouTube Content ID System is designed to check for copyrighted material and allow copyright holders to take action if that content has not been properly licensed.

FILMPAC Music has partnered with a third-party administrator to monitor and protect our Artist’s Songs from piracy, and to ensure valid customers can register their YouTube Channels and post content with FILMPAC Songs to YouTube worry-free.

Here is how the system works:

  • CID Registration. FILMPAC Songs are registered in YouTube Content ID through our administrator.
  • YouTube Analysis. When a video with a FILMPAC Song is uploaded to YouTube, YouTube Content ID will detect the Copyright Material and notify our administrator, and asks our administrator if the Channel is cleared to use the content or not. 
  • Cleared Channels. If the YouTube Channel has been safelisted in a Customer’s Account, our administrator will signal to YouTube that there is a proper license, and no further action is taken.
  • Uncleared Channels. If the YouTube Channel has not been safelisted in a FILMPAC Account, our administrator will flag the content for copyright infringement. The video will still be able to play on YouTube, however it will not be eligible for YouTube monetization. This does not count as a Copyright Strike on the channel. 

What happens if I accidentally post the video to YouTube prior to Safelisting the Channel?

It’s always a best practice to Safelist the channel prior to uploading content to YouTube. If you ever miss this step and get a claim on the Song, don’t worry this does not count as a Copyright Strike against your channel. Your next step is to visit My Account > Music > YouTube Channels and safelist the channel. That will retroactively clear the claim, typically within 30 minutes.

The bottom line:

FILMPAC cares a lot about two things related to YouTube Content ID

  1. Our Customers. Our main goal is to ensure FILMPAC Music Customers don’t have to worry about Copyright infringement when they use a FILMPAC Song. By registering the content ourselves, we can block other Third-Parties from inadvertently registering the same songs in their CID System – which solves a big headache that exists on other licensing platforms, and allows us to create a simple system for customers to safelist channels.
  2. Our Artists. Our artists work tirelessly to create amazing songs for customers to use. We want to ensure their content is properly licensed, and protected from piracy, so they can be rewarded for their efforts.

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