Our Top 10 Songs of 2021

By Filmpac

most popular songs

We launched our highly-curated stock music library last year, and we wanted to look back and reflect on some of 2021’s most popular songs.

So, without further ado,

#1 – “Hope Is Not Lost” by Kevin Graham

This cinematic, immersive, emotional track gets right to the point, following a simple piano melody as other layers build and build. It’s the type of track that is extremely easy to edit to, and perfectly suited for any emotion-focused branded content.

#2 – “Rock The Party” by HVRDVR

There is no shortage of energy here. Promos, fast-paced ads, and intros are all perfect landing spots for this pop/hip-hop/electronic hybrid track.

#3 – “Pure Elegance” by Dan Phillipson

With sounds that would be at home in any high-budget corporate advertising campaign, “Pure Elegance” is a masterfully-produced piano and strings piece that takes the listener on an impactful journey from start to finish.

#4 – “Pacifica” by Oliver Dodge

A beautifully-blended combination of soft vocal harmonies and acoustic guitar layers, “Pacifica” is *just* generic enough to be very useful in a wide variety of projects. Check out this spec ad for Zillow that features this song.

#5 – “Bones” by Michael McQuaid

This gritty, powerful rock anthem has everything you look for in a vocal-based song for your video: multiple levels of intensity, a catchy hook, and a world-class voice talent.

#6 – “Boundless” by Ryan Binhammer

A fun, upbeat, and addicting pop track that was built for modern video content. Product ads, vlogs, animations, and other lighthearted edits would flow effortlessly around this song.

#7 – “Everlasting” by Caleb Etheridge

An ethereal, captivating soundscape that builds towards a huge orchestra, “Everlasting” is the definition of epic. Perfect for travel videos, aerial reels, or any content with stunning visuals and a story to tell.

#8 – “Major” – Richard Smithson

Catchy, quirky, and punchy. That’s the only way to describe the horns and hums of “Major”. It’s a unique take on a traditional style, perfect for any fast-paced content.

#9 – “I See Angels” by Big Knox

This hip-hop instrumental provides an interesting yet unobtrusive backdrop for your video content. Vocal chops, synths, and percussion blend seamlessly for a buttery-smooth sound.

#10 – “Dire” by SONICA

One of our unique and exclusive sound effects tracks, “Dire” is an intense, aggressive trailer cue built entirely with percussion and sound effects. Perfect for sports content, action promos, or any content that needs to be turned up to 11.

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