Artist Spotlight: Ryan Binhammer

Ryan Binhammer’s energetic scores, which embrace elements of electronic, pop, indie, and hip-hop, have been licensed by major brands across the globe.

We sat down with the Toronto-based composer and producer to get a glimpse behind the curtain of his musical success.

How and when were you introduced to music creation?

I was introduced to music creation at five years old, when my parents put me in piano lessons. They wanted me to practice daily, which I didn’t always love; I was more interested in playing whatever I wanted.

Eventually, I started composing and jamming out my own ideas sufficiently enough that I could convince anyone listening that I was actually practicing.

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Which steps have happened since then, to get you to where you’re at now?

In addition to piano, I took guitar lessons and many music courses in middle and high school.

Then I got really into creating in Garageband, which eventually evolved into Logic Pro.

After that, I studied music in university, which really opened my horizons and fostered collaboration with others.

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Describe a few of the hardest aspects of being a creative professional.

As a creative professional, it can be tough to maintain my love for creating and simultaneously treat my art as a serious business that financially supports me.

What I make and what the markets want don’t always align, so it’s important to find a happy mix of satisfying my own artistic ambitions, while creating works that are useful for others.

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Which characteristic of yours has been the most important to your success?

I believe self-discipline and dedication are essential to succeeding in a creative field.

Talent doesn’t win if the work output isn’t there. Removing all distractions and doing focused creative work for hours every day is very important to me.

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What is your biggest source of inspiration when it comes to writing music?

I’m very inspired when I hear new music that innovates or surprises, even in tiny ways.

It reminds me to try new sounds or techniques in my own material, which helps open up my creativity. TV and movie soundtracks are also a great source of inspiration.

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If you could go back in time 5 years, which piece of advice would you give yourself?

If I could go back five years, the biggest thing I would tell myself would be to experiment with more sounds and genres outside of my comfort zone!

Try more virtual instruments and explore more libraries.

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