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A Look Behind-the-Scenes of the Filmpac Story

6 years ago, I had a dream and began working on a wild idea: Filmpac. I had been a freelance videographer and filmmaker for some time....

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Artist Spotlight: Marshall Usinger

The man behind the curtain for multiple cinematic music projects, Marshall Usinger has become a fixture in the ambient and post-rock genres.

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Artist Spotlight: Caleb Etheridge

A name that has become synonymous with cinematic music, Caleb Etheridge has an unmistakeable, captivating sound.

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Artist Spotlight: Ryan Binhammer

Ryan Binhammer's energetic scores, which embrace elements of electronic, pop, indie, and hip-hop, have been licensed across the globe.

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Artist Spotlight: Bryant Lowry

Bryant Lowry is a musician, composer, and producer based in Nashville, who's not afraid to cross the boundaries of traditional genres.

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17 Inspiring DPs and Directors of 2021

17 of our generation's most inspiring DPs, directors, and filmmakers who have pushed the limits in creativity, innovation, and storytelling.

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Q&A with Composer Kevin Graham.

The following is from a conversation with Kevin Graham, a critically acclaimed young composer, on his creative start, process, and philosophies.

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The Complete Guide to Enhancing Your Podcasts With Background Music

Music can work wonders for your podcast. Here's how to use it the right way, and where to find the perfect podcast music.

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