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A Look Behind-the-Scenes of the Filmpac Story

6 years ago, I had a dream and began working on a wild idea: Filmpac. I had been a freelance videographer and filmmaker for some time....

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The Latest

Free Clip: Burning Chair

Abstract, mysterious, and dramatic: this thoughtfully-produced free clip of a burning chair will add a dark new layer to your edit.

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Free Song: Ignition

String quartet-focused tracks like this free song set the emotional tone for your video and bring extra meaning and depth into your visuals.

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Free Clip: Diverse Hands

This abstract, minimalist free clip can carry undertones of unity, humanity, and simplicity, depending on the context of your edit.

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Free Clip: Digital Scrolling Data

This abstract shot of digital scrolling data on a man's glasses is a perfect way to represent the advances of modern technology.

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Free Clip: Behind The Scenes

This free, high-quality 4k footage of a clapperboard in a movie studio could have a place in almost any edit.

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Free Song: Polaris (Piano Version)

Simple, elegant piano tracks can sometimes be all the music that your video needs. We're giving this one away for free.

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Free Clip: Abstract Profile

Suitable for ads, films, and documentaries, abstract studio portraits such as this FREE clip have a wide range of utilities.

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Free Clip: Traffic

Images of traffic can convey so many things: time passing, population growth, energy, and more. We hope that this clip is useful for you!

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Filmpac Site Walkthrough

Filmpac is a world-class stock footage and music site, giving you all the tools you need to stay ahead of the curve.

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Free Clip: Anamorphic

At Filmpac, we have a large variety of anamorphic clips to choose from, and we're giving one of these clips away for free!

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Free Song: “Orion”

Epic, building music tracks can be the perfect inspiration when cutting a demo reel or a travel film. Here's a free song to do just that.

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Free Song: “Trapdoor”

Our exclusive, pre-built podcast tracks are perfect for podcasts, vlogs, and other repeating content. Here's one for free!

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