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The Filmpac Ad Challenge

Start creating with our free Beginnings Collection.

Filmpac Beginnings
  • 20 Free Clips
  • 3 Free Songs
  • 30 Free Sound Effects

Hey Filmpac Creators! 🎥 We know you work hard at your craft, and we want to invite you (yes YOU) to show us what you’ve got in our 10-day Ad Challenge!

Craft a 15-60 sec ad and post with #filmpacchallenge on IG. All entries will be judged and provided feedback by leading industry professionals, and the winner will snag a $1000 B&H card, promotion on social media, and a free Filmpac membership.

We want to see what ideas you can come up with. Let’s grow together!

The Judges

Challenge Details


Aug 21st – Aug 31st

  • Final Submissions due on Aug 30th by midnight
  • Winner selected by the panel of judges and announced on Aug 31st.


  • Ad must exclusively use Filmpac visuals and music
  • Ad must be between :15 and :60
  • Ad can be horizontal (16×9) or vertical (9×16)
  • Ad must be HD or 4k resolution

Applicants can use any creative approach they desire, as long as they follow the above rules. Applicants do NOT have to be current Filmpac members. In fact, “Beginnings”, a collection of FREE Filmpac assets to use, can be found below:

Start creating with our free Beginnings Collection

Filmpac Beginnings


Premium Stock Assets
  • 20 Free Clips
  • 3 Free Songs
  • 30 Free Sound Effects

Submission Process:

  • All submissions must be through Instagram no later than Aug 30th
  • All submissions must be a reel or a post and include the hashtag #filmpacchallenge
  • All submissions must tag Filmpac’s Instagram account in order to be considered
  • All submission accounts must be following Filmpac on Instagram

Selection Criteria

  • CreativityDoes the ad communicate the message in a creative way?
  • Technical ChopsDoes the ad demonstrate professional technical skills and capabilities?
  • EffectivenessDoes the ad have enough persuasion to get someone to check out Filmpac?

Example Creative:

  • Find It Faster, With Filmpac
  • Unlimited Footage & Music For Your Videos
  • A New Era Of Stock
  • Cool, Creative, Contemporary
  • Stock Shouldn’t Suck

Winning Prize

  • $1,000 B&H Gift Card
  • 1 Full Year of a Filmpac Pro Membership
  • Promotion on Filmpac’s social media channels and newsletter

Previous Ads For Reference

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